The Organisation

Beauty Wall Spot is currently a proprietary concern owned by an Artist, Violinist, and a Musician, Vishwas Krishna an M.Com graduate from Mangalore University. It is founded on the idea to build a better, happier and strong future for the whole world and make people live in an artful, colorful and creative life.

“Beauty Wall Spot” is by the artists, for the artists and for the art lovers to exhibit the artworks and invite offers from buyers and sponsors from the national and international art market. The exhibited art can be viewed and purchased, sponsored or rewarded by a visitor, thus strengthening the hands of the artist to perform better. Thus the artist gets remunerated for his creative art and he can create more beauties with a happy mood.

Beauty Wall Spot is an effort to link the Artist with Art lovers. This is an attempt to help the art lovers to visualize the piece of art in his Drawing room / Bedroom wall and help him select. It is promoted by teenage artists to help the fellow artists in ornating art lovers walls; seeks patronage from YOU!!.

We at “Beauty Wall Spot” are trying to popularize art purchase through creating an art market with opportunity for resale and also generating income from the art miniature (art cards) sale. We expect even the middle-class families to invest in arts and resell it to earn a profit proving that the art market is also a market where you can make your fortune.

Beauty Wall Spot brings out Artcards of the artwork, and market the same through innovative techniques -

  • To Corporate's- for sending their greetings and messages.
  • To general public to reinvent their old friendship and social contacts.
  • To “Post Crosser's”.
  • To students.

The Cause

Beauty Wall Spot is also taking up a social cause of giving some positive direction to the growing children through involving them into creative arts and some extracurricular activities of art and culture along with hobbies like philately, coin collection, antique collection etc. In addition, Beauty Wall Spot is designing a series of tests to recognize and re-orient a person or child to the aptest profession.

Need For The Project

In the modern era, our children, the future of our nation, gets diverted to many undesirable activities for many reasons. Even though they have talent, they simply waste their important time of life to many non-constructive activities. Many of the students get diverted because they have no goal. They are not guided properly to know their talents, understand it and use it in a better way in their life. Many children in such a young age get addicted to drugs, gambling, electronic media, and many other bad practices. They are not aware that this will ruin their entire life. This will put not only our children but also the whole country, the whole world, in grave danger.

So it is our responsibility to give them a purpose to live and win. It is our responsibility to involve our children in the field where they have talent, strength, and creativity. From ancient times, we believed that involving in fine arts makes a man feel better, strong, peaceful, and happy in life. Even the modern scientists say, the people who practice fine arts have successful, purposeful life and they can face any challenge successfully. Therefore we, elders have to do something. We have to force & guide our younger generations to involve themselves in fine art activities and bring out the masters of the field to the limelight.

Art talents, today rarely take up art seriously, because it is not remunerative. Hence many Ravivarmas, M.F.Husseins, do not come to limelight.

So we are trying our level best through involving the children from school level in activities of art, culture, and music so that they become an asset to the society and nation.