An Historical Event – “Kaavee nayana”

"Kaavee nayana" was inaugurated today at Prasad Art Gallery on the 8th of January 2016. S.A.Krishnayya, the member Karnataka Janapada University Haveri and Roy Castelino, President Konkani Sahithya Academy were the Chief Guests along with Smt Radha Bai and Krishna Bhandari.  Shri Krishnayya explained the details and history of Kaavi Kale.  He expressed concern on the art forms disappearing from the arena as only few or none are practising these forms. He pointed the references of Kavee kale in the pre 15th century.  He stressed the need of reviving Kaavi kale which counter act the heat generated by human body or the presiding deities adoration.  He called upon the artists to engage themselves in the art form like the wonderful art on Palm leaves which is neglected by the modern artist.


Roy Castelino said that Kaavi kale is associated with the Konkani language speaking people and he asked artist Veena Srinivas to further her works on Kaavi kale so that she can be made a brand ambassador of Konkani speaking people who are spread across the country from Rathnagiri to Cochin.

Veena Sreenivas said her growth as artist is because of her mother in law Smt. Radha Bai who stood with her in all ups and downs. She said she was fortunate to have such a mother in law and suggested if every mother in laws were to be like this many talents will come to lime light.

The inauguration was held on the lawns behind the gallery and the exhibition was held on the 3rd floor of the building. Hundreds of Art Lovers visited the gallery and appreciated the works of Veena Srinivas.

It's Already Started!!!

"Kaavee nayana"

Touching Tradition to Inspire a Vision


A collection of Kaavi Paintings by

Veena Srinivas

8th to 12th January 2016


Prasad Art Gallery, Ballal Bagh, Mangaluru

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