“Bhava Ninada” – A Special Paper Cutting Art Exhibition by Chandan Swaroopa

Bhava Ninada, an exhibition of portraits created by paper cuttings is going to be held in Mangalore on the 5th of January of this new year. The rare exhibition by young BWS artist Mr Chandan Suresh is going to be held at Prasad Art Gallery in Ballalbagh. The three day exhibition will last till 8 January. The exhibition will be inaugurated by retired principal and an art critic Sri Baikadi Janardhana Achar. Sri Gopadkar, Director of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra Mangalore will preside over. Smt. Brahmari Shiva Prakash, Director Nada Nritya School of Dance Cultural Trust Mangalore will be the chief guest.

Creating portraits from paper cuttings is a new style of art. Mr Chandan Suresh has acquired the talent in creating such artworks. There are very few artists who create artwork from paper cuttings. It seems there's only one more artist Mr Rishikesh from Maharashtra who has acquired the talent in creating artwork from paper cuttings.

The famous singer Raghu Dixit was impressed by this art form by Chandan Suresh who created a portrait of his during a concert. Impressed by the talent a Kannada channel has invited Chandan to their studio without any audition test.

Mr Chandan has created more than 200 artworks from paper cuttings. Chandan wanted to gift the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar something new for his birthday. He tried and was successful in his first attempt to create a portrait of Sachin Tendulkar. He tweeted to Tendulkar about the Portrait and gifted it to him. While all the art works are created by using Canvas and paint, this type of artworks are created by blade works.

We invite all art lovers to view the rare artworks by Chandan Suresh, a member of Beauty Wall Spot artists.

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