Karatanjali – A Special Exhibition in Mangalore

"Karatanjali" is a very special art exhibition by Artist Venkataramana Bhat. The exhibition is scheduled to be opened on the 2nd of November 2016, Wednesday at Prasad Art gallery.

"Best out of waste" is beautiful and easy to utter, but to achieve it, to create something beautiful needs great effort, imagination, achievement, dedication,  and commitment.  If an art is created from any material, or waste material, if it has the natural reality, and it is vibrant then the art is precious.

Artist Mr. Venkataramana Bhat has created wonderful artworks from coconut shells. His expertise has given shape to the coconut shells filling it with vibrant lifelike art. He has achieved an unique position in the world of art with his works on coconut shells.  He has portrayed many personalities and his GANAPATHI, SHREE KRISHNA OF BHAGAVADGEETHA and GEETHOPADESHA are excellent works.

We cordially invite all of you to this very Special Art Exhibition by Artist Venkataramana Bhat.

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