Karatanjali – The Art from coconut shells

Karatanjali - A very unique exhibition was inaugurated at Prasad Art Gallery Ballalbag today on the 2nd of November 2016, at 5 pm by Shri Venu Vinod, from Vijayavani, Kannada newspaper, who himself is an artist by lighting the lamp. Shri Dinesh Holla, Smt Veena Shrinivas were on the dais.  Shri Ganesh Somayaji welcomed the gathering and anchored the programme. 

Artist Venkataramana Bhat from Alevoor, Udupi, who was a small business retailer in Davangere from his child hood days tried to give shapes to shells of various seeds which get damaged with time with termites or worms. Then he turned in to coconut shell which lasts long and very hard.  It does't get damaged by anything except by fire. 

With out any formal education or training in art he has developed this on his own with trial and error method.  

He was bedridden with heart attack,  and came back to life and in a lighter vein he said the 'he' in the heart died and art still lives.  He is living for the art in him. He says for each art work he spends most of the time to select the suitable shell.

He expressed his pains in perfecting the art, still he refuses to be called as a big artist.  He had conducted more than 60 exhibitions in Davangere and more than 6 in Udupi ( He has come back to Udupi about three to four years back).  He has exhibited his art works at temple festivals with good response from art lovers.

His ire on the society for ill treating the women is expressed with his work on the "SHOSHITHE". Here a lady is portrayed with her mouth sealed expressing her denial of expressing her pains, her womb employed to create new life, a key showing her dependance on father during childhood, on husband during her youth, and on son during her old age (manusmrithi).  His works reflects his religious and social convictions.

This exhibition is open till 5th of November 2016 from 9:00 am to 6:00pm. Interested can come and enjoy his works and these works are available for sale.

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