All the things you need to know about Mukhyaprana Artcard

Hindu’s worship many God's. Each God has been given different names and different powers and different characteristics. Mukhyaprana is another name for Lord Hanuman.
Lord Hanuman is the god of strength, wisdom and loyalty. As one can observe this artwork is a different art. This type of art is called THE KAAVI KALE.

Kavi art (kavi kale) is a form of art exclusive to coastal belt from Goa to Dakshina Kannada. The art form appears to have originated in Goa, was brought to the coastal area by Saraswaths who fled Goa in the 16th century, and thrived in this region during 1500-1775 A.D. Once prolific in the coastal temples, particularly on the outer walls of the shrines, this monochrome art form is now fast disappearing due to temple renovations and no preservation efforts. Only few good specimens still exist on the walls of the shrine in North Canara.

The main characteristics of Kavi art are reddish brown murals against white backgrounds, geometrical shapes - circles, semi circles, triangles, hexagons - all effectively giving 3 dimensional effects from Flat pictures, with mythological, historical and contemporary themes.

Here Artist Mrs.Veena Srinivas brought down the natural KAAVI art into the canvas. She was taken away by the beauty of KAAVI art and decided to create Lord Hanuman in her favourite art form, The KAAVI art.

Conclusion: Beautywallspot tries to create awareness and understanding of this art form. It is fervently hoped that this artwork will inspire the viewers and younger generations and spread the word so that more and more people become aware of this vanishing art and help resuscitate.

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