All the things you should know about the Modern Concept of Ardhanareeshwara

Ardhanareeshwara is a composite form of Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati or Devi. Ardhanareeshwara is portrayed as half male and half female, split down in the middle.

Ardhanareeshwara represents the combination of the masculine and feminine energies of the whole universe. And it shows how Devi or Shakti, the female principle of god is inseparable from male principle of god i.e, Shiva. The coalition of these principles is as noble as the root and womb of all creation.

This Ardhanareeshwara artwork is created by Mr.Vishwas Krishna. The modern life i.e, Modern man and his family life, is depicted in the art work "Ardhanaareeshwara". A family is complete only when man and woman joins together. Real life has its pains and pleasures. Every family has its own problems and every individual consider his/her pain as the biggest pain in the world. Facing the troubles with courage and readiness together makes a family's life fruitful. A family is represented by the half man- half woman, their union makes them one person, a family. The fire beneath is the daily struggle of the family for its survival, and the calm on the face shows the determination and the conviction of the family in overcoming the difficulties and surviving in this world.

Artist Mr. Vishwas Krishna has recreated the common man's family and its pains and pleasures. Real life experience has taken shape in this art work inspired by the life of the low level life partners.

Conclusion: The up and downs in the family are very ordinary in nature. It is very necessary to deal with those up and downs and lead a better life and be a good example to the future generations.

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