Brilliant Work On Negative – Positive

"Art has to be Reflective of our Society" - David Zayas

World is balanced with the combination of Negativity and Positivity.  Where there is Positiveness, there also will be negativeness.  In Negative - Positive Artwork, Artist presents this idea very brilliantly.

A Negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity,  A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.  Man is a social being;  not just a human being.  He needs to have a societal relationship.  And every relationship needs a positive attitude.

All Humans have positive and negative attitude.  Some have more positive attitude than others.  These people will be praised and are called GOOD PEOPLE and those who have negative attitude will be criticised and called BAD PEOPLE.  If the Good people express any minor negative behaviour this will be highlighted more than their positive attitude.  And the Positive attitude of the bad people will also be highlighted.

This artwork is created by Mr.Vishwas Krishna.  The true behaviour of human being motivated him to create this artwork.  Here the white space shows the people with positive attitude and the black hand in the white space proves that any small negative behaviour will be highlighted more than that of the positive behaviour.  And the Black space indicates the people with negative mind set.  And the white hand in it shows that any minor positive behaviour will be highlighted rather than that of the negative attitude.

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