The Story Behind Serene Artwork

"Serenity flows through the Natural World. Listen and you can hear the beating of your own heart and the deepening of your breath in rhythm and connection with the powerful tranquillity of creation that becomes fully alive in you as you return to the roots of your being."

Nature is everywhere in art. Without the existence of mother nature there is no art. The beauty of mother nature reflected in art is just another reminder of our need to protect her.

Calm Mother Nature is a feast to eyes of all art lovers. This artwork is created by Mr.Vishwas Krishna. This artwork shows the richness of colours. Mr.Vishwas Krishna as a student had his share of sight-seeing tours which gave him the glimpses of colourful nature which motivated him to this wonderful art piece.

He reproduced the calm waters in the background of green hills as a view from an old castle. The colors give a calm illustration and take us through the beautiful tour in the nature. The movie LORD OF THE RINGS fired his imagination and helped him to create this beauty.

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