D. Bala Amin

Born: Balagram, Kumbhlekere, Karnataka, INDIA

Artist D.Amin Bala, born in 1938. He is a professionally commercial portrait artist and advertiser. He has participated in Jahangeer Art Gallery Bombay, Central Lalithakala Academy Delhi, Federation of Art Institution Maharashtra, Bombay Art Society, Mysuru Dasara Competitions etc. He was passionate of art since his childhood. He used to collect print pictures of nature, animals, people and anything that attracted his eyes...... Read his full bio


Artist D. Amin Bala:

Born in Balagram, Kumbhlekere Near Surathkal of Mangalore to Lingappa Amin and Tungamma, D.Bala Amin, had inclination towards Art since childhood. He had a brother by the name Rukmaiyya.  He had his primary education in the "Kuthethoor" (Mangalapette) Boarding School and higher education in Vidyadayini High School, Surathkal. 

He was passionate of art since his childhood.  He used to collect print pictures of nature, animals, people and anything that attracted his eyes.  Along with that he used to copy these collections with pencil with lines and sketches. Carpentry and pottery also was his interests.  Altogether he showed interests in such creative works.  During his schooldays he could win many prizes in art.  Sri Srinivasa Madhyastha, the art and dance teacher of his school encouraged young Dejappa Amin and helped him develop his art.  He was the real motivation in his art life.  The Headmaster Sri M. Vasudeva Rao was a helping hand in his endeavours.  During his school days itself he passed some of the drawing examinations.  His school days were over in 1959-60.


Artist Profile:

Dejappa Amin Bala, Artist
18th March 1938, Balagram, Kumbhlekere, Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

GD Art

Oil Paintings.

Immediately after his schooling he started for looking for a job.  He got an opportunity to be a drawing teacher in Christian High School of Udupi. He worked there for one year. The Kannada teacher of the school Mr. Subba Rao gave him encouragement for furthering his art endeavours.  The drawing teacher of Girls high school Mr. Venkatraya Shenoy helped him to reach Bombay for his higher education in art.

He landed in Bombay in 1961-62 and joined Nutan Kalamandir, an art school.  The principal, Sri Dandavathi Mutt was a well known artist. Teachers Sri Dayananda Shenoy and Sri Hegde guided him with the support of the principal. He completed his diploma in fine arts in flying colours. 

He worked in various studios as part time during his art education.  Thereafter he joined VAP agencies and shifted his career to Communication & Marketing Private Limited as a finishing artist.

He has achieved many laurels during his career since 1962. Beginning with winning the first prize in Mysore Dasara exhibition in the year 1962, he was honoured by The Federation of Art Institutions in 1963-64-65-66, Fine art festival Udupi, The Bombay art Society in 1964, Kalanikethan exhibitions etc.

He was recognised by the Bombay's art lovers and he continued his art career satisfying many of his fans.  In the quest of the life's demands he ventured in to commercial art and served abroad.  Coming back to India he reinvented himself and his art dreams and relocated his art mates of Bombay art school Nutan Kalamandir, Sri P.S.Punichithaya and P.D.Bhat and participated in a joint exhibition called “Bombay 3” in February 2016 at Prasad Art Gallery Mangalore.


  • # Participated in many State and National Level exhibitions for many years.
  • # Conducted many one man and group shows in Karnataka and other states.

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • # Participated in Mysore Dasara Exhibition - 1962 and won First Prize for still life.
  • First Prize winner at the Federation of Art Institutions in 1963 for Still life.
  • Third Prize for Still Life at III Student's Art Exhibition, 1964 organised by the Federation of Art Institutions.
  • Received Merit Certificate in 1964 at Kanara Art Exhibition organised by Fine Arts Festival Committee, Udupi.
  • Won an Award at the Jahangir Art Gallery in the year 1965.
  • Received Third Prize for Painting (Still Life) in IV Students' Art Exhibition, 1965 by the Federations of Art Institutions.