Abstract Nature

Acrylic Painting | Vishwas Krishna


Medium : Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board
Category : Acrylic Painting
Art by : Vishwas Krishna
Size : 60cm X 40cm
Year : 2008

  • Original  Acrylic  Painting  On Canvas  Board.
  • Fine Quality & Suitable  Frames.
  • Super  Fine  Edges.
  • Light  Weight  Paintings.
  • Strong  Hooks  to  Hang.

Price: 8,000.00

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Product Description

This Artwork “Abstract nature” is created by Beauty wall spot  Mr. Vishwas Krishna in 2008. Here the nature also represents the human patterns. Each stroke of colour represents human behaviour. Cruel, Selfishness, Fresh and Loving, Gloomy and Reserved are the characters expressed by the artist.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 4 cm
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