Sound Of Nature

Acrylic Painting | Vishwas Krishna


Medium : Acrylic Paint on Canvas Board
Category : Acrylic Painting
Art by : Vishwas Krishna
Size : 60cm X 40cm
Year : 2012

  • Original  Acrylic  Painting On Canvas  Board.
  • Fine Quality & Suitable Frames.
  • Super  Fine  Edges.
  • Light  Weight  Paintings.
  • Strong  Hooks  to  Hang.
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Product Description

Nature is another word for Beauty. Nature is the art of god. And the artists are using this art of god for inspiration and create wonders.

Along with Art, God has created Music also. Those who listen carefully the earth has its own music. Nature is an infinite sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. One of the beautiful music is the sound of water falls. The water falling down from hills in smaller paths is the most wonderful scene ever.

This artwork is created by Artist Vishwas Krishna. The beauty of the mother nature inspired him to recreate the nature’s beauty. Artist Vishwas is also a Musician. Whenever he paints, he listen to Nature sounds especially the sound of Water. For him, it gives the inner motivation. And that inspired him to create this wonderful Artwork. Here enchanting beauty of nature is brought down in the canvas.

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Dimensions 60 × 40 × 4 cm
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