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  • Sangeetham – Artistic Black & White Photo Exhibition in Mangalore

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    Mangalore’s art lovers are having a wonderful opportunity to savor an exquisite Photo exhibition – “ SANGEETHAM – Artistic Black and White photo exhibition”, by Mr. Sheni Murali. This exceptional exhibition will be held at Prasad Art Gallery in Ballalbhag on 29th of December 2018 from 10:30 A.M till 7:00 P.M. This exhibition will be […]

    “Bhava Ninada” – A Special Paper Cutting Art Exhibition by Chandan Swaroopa

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    Bhava Ninada, an exhibition of portraits created by paper cuttings is going to be held in Mangalore on the 5th of January of this new year. The rare exhibition by young BWS artist Mr Chandan Suresh is going to be held at Prasad Art Gallery in Ballalbagh. The three day exhibition will last till 8 […]

    Exhibition of Recent Works by Artists' Forum Udupi | Beauty Wall Spot

    Exhibition of Recent Works by Artists’ Forum Udupi

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    Mangaluru’s art lovers are having a wonderful chance to enjoy the artworks of 30 different Artists from Artists’ Forum Udupi. The exhibition is scheduled to be opened on the 4th of November 2017, Saturday at S Cube Art Gallery, Mangaluru. Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Chief Whip – Karnataka Legislative Council will be inaugurating the exhibition by 4:30 in the […]

    Varna Sinchana - by Permude Mohan Kumar

    Varna Sinchana – A Special Water Colour Exhibition In Udupi, IN

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    An art exhibition, Varna Sinchana, is being organised in Udupi, as a part of the silver jubilee celebration of Artists’ Forum Udupi. Well known BWS Artist Permude Mohan Kumar, will be conducting a solo art exhibition from the 14th of October to 17th of October 2017. Every art lover will be taken to ecstasy, by […]

    Karatanjali - the exhibition from heart and mind of an artist: Dinesh Holla | Beautywallspot.com

    Karatanjali – the exhibition from heart and mind of an artist: Dinesh Holla

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    Artistic thoughts emerging out from the depth of mind, with artful and heartfelt thoughts, when falls on any object and the resultant works of art, gives pleasure to many art loving souls, which become the encouragement for the growth of an artist. Shri Venkataramana Bhat from Udupi has used his creativity on the coconut shells. […]

    Karatanjali - A Special Art Exhibition | Beautywallspot.com

    Karatanjali – A Special Exhibition in Mangalore

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    “Karatanjali” is a very special art exhibition by Artist Venkataramana Bhat. The exhibition is scheduled to be opened on the 2nd of November 2016, Wednesday at Prasad Art gallery.”Best out of waste” is beautiful and easy to utter, but to achieve it, to create something beautiful needs great effort, imagination, achievement, dedication,  and commitment.  If an […]

    Exhibition Of Glimpses | Beauty Wall Spot.com

    Exhibition of photographs “Glimpses”.

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    Mangaloreans were pleasantly surprised by Glimpses, a photographic exhibition conducted by Mrs. Leela Baikady. Sri Yajna Acharya T S Satyan Memorial Prize winning photographer inaugurated the exhibition. The event was graced by Dr. Leela Upadhyaya, Advisor Sharada Group 9 Institutes and Shri Koti Prasad Alva, Prasad Art Gallery. Mrs Leela Baikady is from North Abington […]

    Madhubani - Rare Art Exhibition in Mangalore

    MADHUBANI – Rare Art exhibition in Mangaluru

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    Mangalore’s art lovers are having a rare chance to enjoy the traditional and rich Indian art form MADHUBANI. The art students of  Prasad School of Art, Mangalore are exhibiting their master pieces at Prasad Art Gallery, Ballalbagh, on the 2nd September 2016.  Shri Mohan Alva of Alva’s Education Trust, Mudabidri will be inaugurating the exhibition […]

    “Varna Varuna Anavarana” – Art exhibition by artists of Mangalore

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    On 19th of August 2016, Mangaluru has experienced a Monsoon breeze of Art. “Varna Varuna Anavarana” an art exhibition by 22 artists of “Karavali Chithra Kalavidara Chavadi, Mangaluru” was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by D. M. Ravikumar, Assistant Director, Dept of Kannada & Culture and Mrs. Nayana Britto Fernandes of Mangaluru at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangaluru. […]

    Re-inventing “KALAMKARI” – A traditional Art Exhibition

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    Mangalore experienced a pleasant soothing affect like a cool breeze under the hot humid Sun through the relaunching of ‘Kalamkari’ Art by 13 talents from Mahalasa School of Art. The exhibition was inaugurated in Prasad Art Gallery, Ballalbhag at 11:00 am by the senior and experienced artist Sri Ganesh Somayaji. The inauguration presided over by Mr. […]