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    Admiring Art is Good for You | Italian Experiment

    Art is not only beautiful but it is also good for health.  Scientific research has proved this with experiments.  An experiment was conducted in Italy with 100  volunteers of the age between 18 to 81. The monumental Basilica of Vicoforte, near the town of Cuneo, boasts the largest elliptical cupola in the world and is […]

    We are moving ahead, slowly and steadily towards realizing our dream.

    We at Beauty Wall Spot proudly announces the laying of a foundation Stone on 3 rd January 2016 (an auspicious day) for the KALAGRAMA Mangalore project. Beauty Wall Spot has grown from a simple exhibition website to an e-commerce website along with the installation steps of KALAGRAMA Mangalore. Our requests to art lovers for joining their hands with ours have borne fruits and many names who had achieved laurels in their careers joining our team have strengthened us and infused a new strength in us.