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  • Nada-Taranga By Vishwas Krishna | Kudla Kalamela 2017 | Beauty Wall Spot

    Nada-Taranga by Vishwas Krishna & team | Kudla Kalamela 2017

    The evening of 16th Sunday, the Kudla Kalamela will draw curtains for this year’s celebrations through the sweet melodious violin concert by Vishwas Krishna the CEO of Beauty Wall Spot and his associates. Beauty Wall Spot is a brain child of Vishwas Krishna for the promotion of all forms of art and all artists in […]

    Kudla Kalamela presents Varna Swaroopa

    Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra has been pioneering in education through art. Swaroopa do not want to compare the system adopted with any of the normally adopted systems practiced in education.  Every student of Swaroopa is an artist and he excels in his studies and performance along with his confidence and performance level. The Swaroopa students use […]

    Beauty Wall Spot – the Kudla Kalamela Success Story

    Beauty Wall Spot is known as an e-commerce platform for art promotion and art marketing. But behind the creation of Beauty Wall Spot, there is a story which was not known to anyone. Every Kudla Kalamela gives an opportunity for the dreamer, learner and the entrepreneur.It was all started during 2008 Kudla Kalamela. Young boy, […]

    Kudla Kalamela - 17 presents Bhavataranga | Beauty Wall Spot

    Kudla Kalamela presents Bhavantaranga

    Well known artists, Sudhir Kavoor, Balakrishna Shetty and Poornesh are trying to open up the emotions and moods of participating children through Bhavantaranga. Everyone has his emotions and moods which when translated in to reality becomes wonderful art. The three experts in this form of art will train the children in converting various materials in […]

    Thread Art by P N Acharya | Beauty Wall Spot

    Kudla Kalamela presents Thread Art – by P N Acharya

    A versatile artist, P.N.Acharya, well known for his coloured Clinically Oriented Anatomy Art for medical books and journals in India and abroad. He also draws illustrations for the magazines and news papers. He studied Medical Art in J J Hospital Mumbai. His Anatomy art is recognised by Tuffs University USA.He was awarded for his excellence […]

    Speed Art by Shabari Ganiga | Beauty Wall Spot

    Kudla Kalamela presents Speed Art – by Shabari Ganiga

    This multi talented Mangalorean artist is born and brought up in the backyard of Mangalore is poised to reach the world arena in the next few years as the D K born international artist Vilas Nayak. She is presently studying for MCA at Sridevi institute of technology.She can portray any personality in a very short […]

    Useful Tips For Artists During Kudla Kalamela | Beauty Wall Spot

    Useful Tips For Artists During Kudla Kalamela – 17

    Kudla Kalamela – A Great Smart Contemporary Art Exhibition is an event to bring the artists of India to lime light and it was started by Karavali Chitra Kala Chavadi, in the year 2008. Many artists and art schools exhibited thousands of artworks for the eyes of art lovers across the nation.  Many artists could […]

    Why Students Should Participate in Competitions?

    Student Life is indeed a golden life. Student is a learner. He learns everything he sees or experiences. If there is one thing we know about children, it’s that they have short attention spans and prefer now to later.Competitions play a role in motivating students to excel and to perform. Competitions provides the most wonderful […]

    Talent Hunt - 2017 | Kudla Kalamela | Beauty Wall SPot

    Talent Hunt – Students Art Competition Announced | Register Now For Free

    Competitions play an important role in motivating children to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. Participating in Competitions offer a chance for children to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, learn new things and improvise ones creativity. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their […]

    Kudla Kalamela - 2017 is here | Beauty Wall Spot.com

    Kudla Kalamela – 2017 is here. Get Ready Folks!!

    The much awaited Kudla Kalamela is back with more participation and more attraction on the 15th of April 2017 and 16th of April 2017.  Promoted by Karavali Chitra Kala Chavadi and media powered by Beauty Wall Spot, the event will present about 200 promising artists from Karnataka and neighbouring Kerala with more than 10000 art […]