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All the things you need to know about Artist Free a/c

Beauty Wall Spot finally launched its Free Selling Account for Art Creators. It is a fair chance for every Art creator to get started with his first selling a/c online for selling artworks on the Real Art Market.
Before moving into the Artist Free a/c, you should know a few things about this wonderful platform of Beauty Wall Spot.

What is Beauty Wall Spot? And why Beauty Wall Spot?
Beauty Wall Spot is a creative Art firm started by a young Artist for developing and promoting Art Worldwide. Its main goal is to uplift an Artist, promote him and help the art lover to have a wonderful opportunity for the collection of worthy art for his future. We have built a wonderful e-commerce platform, like Flipkart or Amazon, with all the e-commerce solutions like Payment gateway, Pickup and Delivery, packing etc. only for Artists, creators, and their creative works. And we are building an advanced cloud-based platform for interaction between Artists and Art lovers.

We are like Art Techies of India. And we will build something amazing which will definitely bring some change to the world of art. So it is a wonderful choice for every artist to join and prosper. Artists can make use of our wonderful Art e-commerce for Artworks and other products. And we also conduct special interviews of artists which are very essential for promoting an artist. If you become one of our artist members then you’ll become a member of our family or we will consider you so and whatever good news you have in your art field; we will share it with our art community for you.

Ok. Now, Who is an Artist and What is an Artist account?

“An artist is a creative person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts or demonstrating an art.  He/she may be a painter, a singer, a dancer, or a writer etc. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only.”

Who will really want their work left undiscovered?  Art lovers are very important in Art. Without Art lover, there is no Art. There is an Artist only if there is another soul to love his work. Art lover will never fall from Heaven whenever an Artist takes birth on Earth. Artist has to exhibit his creativity on the right platform to attract the audience. It’s a challenge, of course, to be both an artist and a marketer, but one with many creative concepts is taking advantage of this situation.

Worry less, you have this Artist account.

Artist account is the best way to promote yourself and sell your creative works on a worldwide platform and drive international Audience to your creative works. With Artist account on Beauty Wall Spot, one can showcase or exhibit his paintings, photographs, sculptures, and crafts every day. You can market and promote yourself with unique marketing features and start selling works from day one.

Now, let's see all the things Artist Free account offers.

Artist Free account is the best way to start your Artist Career for real, on a worldwide platform. You can understand how Art wold and Art market operates. You can have better insights into how art lovers respond to your works, what improvements you can implement, how to win the hearts of your Art fans around the world etc.

E-Commerce: First things first, if you are selling artworks online, then e-commerce is the best technology for you. Artist account offers you the industry standard, dedicated e-commerce solutions for Artist. You can list your works, build a great catalog, grow your audience and sell.

Pickup & Shipping Facility: When someone buys a product, the product should reach the customer against the payment. Ok, what if someone buys a painting from you who will deliver the painting to him? - You? Oh, that's a very messy burden. With Beauty Wall Spot’s Artist account you do not have to worry about this. Because Beauty Wall Spot will take care of this. You just have to securely pack the painting according to Beauty Wall Spot’s packing standards and keep it ready. BWS will contact you and pick your painting from your place and deliver it to the doorsteps of your buyer. You need not worry about the shipping tensions, everything will be handled by BWS and their trusted Shipping partners.

Payment Gateway Facility: Beauty Wall Spot gives you a trusted payment transaction facility through their trusted Payment Gateway Partners. So, you can receive payments online on orders from customers.

Painting Listing:  With Artist Free a/c, one can list a maximum of 5 paintings online for free. The main purpose of this a/c is to give you a glimpse of online selling and encourage you to go seriously with Professional Artist Online Career. If you want to list and promote on the full-featured way, then you should consider switching to Artist Kit a/c. That is the best artist a/c in the entire market with loads of innovative marketing and promotional features.

Commission: Beauty wall Spot will charge you a 40% commission and applicable service tax on the sale price of paintings after deducting payment gateway charges. You can include the commission on your sale price while pricing your Artwork.

One Year Validity:  With Artist Fre a/c you can list and sell your Artworks for the period of One Year. After that, you can upgrade your a/c to - Artist Kit A/c.

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Artist Free a/c is a fair chance to every artist, from masters to tiny tots, to list, market, promote and sell their works. Those who are looking for a way to start their Art career online, Artist Free a/c is the right plan. You can enroll yourself today without making the second choice and it is a safe bet. And for those who want industry standard Promotional feature should consider Artist Kit a/c.