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All the Things You Need to know About Artist Kit A/c

Beauty Wall Spot has recently launched its brand new Artist Seller a/c in four different types. From Artist Free a/c to the ultimate Artist Subscription a/c.  Beauty Wall Spot offers, wide variety of the best Artist Promotional and Selling features to every creators. As the CEO of said in a corporate meeting, - “We are building a cloud based platform to empower every artist and art lover in the world so that Artists can create and give wonderful works to the society irrespective of their form and Art lover can enjoy every minute of their life with Artful memories.” it is clear that they are up to something creative.

Ok. Is the Artist a/c meant for me? Can I sell My Creative Works on this platform?
To be exact, Beauty Wall Spot has offered selling a/c to Artists from Painting field, Artists from Craft Field, Sculptors from Sculpture field and Creative Photographers. So if you fall into any of these category you can create your a/c today itself. If you ask, what is the best Seller a/c on this platform, it is obviously Artist Kit a/c.

Yep. It is a Kit with very essential marketing and promotional features for an artist.
So here we are trying at our best to explain all the things you need to know about this Artist Kit a/c, its features and who should opt for it.
Artist Kit a/c is the most popular Artist a/c on Beauty Wall Spot. With this Artist a/c Artists can sell their works online and reach wide no. of Art lovers around the world. It is the most popular selling a/c because of the features it is offering. Let us go through these features one by one.

No. of Artworks:  What are you going to sell? Is it a consumer product or Art. Well, it is  Art, isn’t it?   Then first thing you need to know is how many? Having 100’s of Artwork in your portfolio looks like Bulky, just two to three looks like silly.  With Artist Kit a/c you get 15 slots and you can sell unlimited paintings. A slot can contain only one painting at a time and if you have 100’s of painting,  you choose best 15 painting and put it for sale. Whenever Sale happens you can replace it with another painting without loosing your portfolio weightage. 

Duration: Whenever you create an online a/c the duration or validity of the a/c is very important. Artist Kit a/c is for the period of One Year, but Beauty Wall Spot is offering another one free year as a promotional offer. So if you join now, you’ll get full Artist Free a/c for 2 year.

Free listing: Artist Kit a/c offers you free listing for the first 15 artworks. Then, if you are uploading more frequently more paintings, they will charge a nominal fee of Rs.15 per painting as listing fee payable at the time of painting uploading.

Support: Beauty Wall Spot provides you full Artist a/c Support which is essential for a seller.

Features of Artist Kit a/c | Beauty Wall Spot


Features: Artist Kit a/c is a basket filled with features like Hot on Canvas, From Studio, Featured Bio Story, Featured Artist Promotion, Promo Listing, Catalogue Service, One year World Of Artcard Subscription, Definite Art Sale Guarantee, Life Time Art Card Deposit, BWS Advt. Credit, Social media Advt Credit etc. Click the below links to know more about each Promotional Features.

Pickup & Shipping Facility: BWS will provide pickup and shipping facility to every Member Seller through their trusted shipping partners. Whenever customer buys your product BWS will contact you and picks your painting from your place and deliver it to the doorsteps of your buyer. 

Payment Gateway Facility: Beauty Wall Spot gives you a trusted payment transaction facility through their trusted Payment Gateway Partners.  So, you can receive payments online on orders by customers.

Commission: Beauty wall Spot will charge you a 40% commission and applicable service tax on the sale price of paintings after deducting payment gateway charges. You can include the commission on your sale price while pricing your Artwork.

Pricing: Artist Kit a/c comes for Rs. 5000/-. It is a discounted price. Actual price is Rs.12,500/-. But to encourage Artists to sell more, Beauty Wall Spot is giving it on a discounted price for two years.

Conclusion: Artist Kit a/c is the best Promotional a/c for artist who consider promoting and selling their artwork internationally. With all the best features it is the best artist a/c for those who are looking for a way to start their Art career online. You can enrol yourself today without making second choice and it is a safe bet.