All the things you need to know about “Definite Art Sale Guarantee”

Have you ever heard of "Definite Art Sale Guarantee"? No platform or marketplace guarantee any sale of artwork for any artist, because in conventional methods a buyer has to decide to buy the artwork. Artist has to wait for his good time to come for a sale, and if he is accepted by the buyer he may get further sale if the buyer decides to have one more work by the same artist.

Beauty Wall Spot has done some research on this and have come out with some innovative plan to offer a definite sale for minimum one artwork for the eligible artist every year* (conditions apply). Beauty Wall Spot prints artcard for select artworks of the eligible artists and sends it to artlovers across the world. Either the artlover who gets the card and appreciates the work buys it or Beauty Wall Spot itself buys it!!!!!. Once one artwork is sold through artcard publicity another artwork is chosen for artcard printing and distribution till such time the artist keeps his eligibility alive.

Further art buyer may bargain on the price and if artist agrees for the bargain the art will be sold with he artist's consent. Again a new artwork will be opted for the artcard printing.

The eligibility for the artist comes from his Artist kit account.

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