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Amazing idea every artist should know – A lifetime Artcard Deposit for your painting

Commonly, Art buyers want to feel the painting or artwork in real before making the decision. But it is not possible all the time. So, what if there is a way one could have both, feeling a particular art in hand and purchasing it on the same time. For real!!

A very brilliant idea has been developed by Beauty Wall Spot for enjoying art in real time and if it makes the person happy he can purchase the work online. This is a great concept for advertising Artists’ Artworks to targeted select artlovers and there by helping him to feel artists work and make the decision. With a life time deposit on your painting you can direct Beauty Wall Spot to send it to the targeted artlovers. 

What is ‘Life time Artcard Deposit’?
Life time Artcard deposit is a deposit made by the Artist towards printing the miniatures of one of the Artworks selected by the artist in an Artcard form. If artist makes a deposit on one of his artwork, then every year or every WOAC cycle Beauty Wall Spot will print the Artcard for your painting free of cost till the painting gets sold. If one painting gets sold, artist can select another painting for printing, but this time it is free of cost too. The life time deposit is the option available only on Beauty Wall Spot and this feature costs you only Rs.2,500/- But here is the good news. You can get this for free with Artist Kit a/c.  And it is a limited period option!!!!!

The Amazing idea
Here is how to convert this deposit in your favour.

  • Create your Artist Kit a/c
  • Grab the deposit for one painting for free
  • Select your Painting which you believe has the highest potential (Note: Price of the painting should not discourage the buyer)
  • Let BWS print the cards for you and add it to their Artcard sending que
  • Get your One year World Of Artcard Subscription
  • Spread the word.


  • Life time printing of Artcards for one Artwork;
  • Reach targeted Artlovers;
  • A unique way of increasing your followers and increase your star value;
  • Increase Art Sale;