Artist Free a/c: How to get started with Beauty Wall Spot’s Artist Free a/c

Beauty Wall Spot has finally launched its Free Selling Account for Artists. It is a fair chance for every Artist to get started with his first selling a/c online for selling artworks on the Real Art Market.  Whether you're a young Artist starting your Art carrier or a student just want to make some extra cash, selling on Beauty Wall Spot is fun and easy.
Create your Artist Free a/c:
Fill out the details required for the creation of Artist free a/c. like,
  1. First Name
  2. Second Name
  3. Email id
  4. Mobile No.
  5. Address
  6. Product you want to Sell
  7. Your Automatic Upgrade preference
Confirmation Email:
After Signup, you’ll receive a confirmation email from #teamBeautywallspot with further details with in 48 hours.
Get Ready with your Painting Photos and Your Bio data:
In order to list your works online, you need good photographs of your Artworks. It is a free a/c so you’ll have 2 slots to list your Artworks which means you can sell only two Artworks. So select two good Artworks from your own creation  and take good photographs of it. Also write your good bio data and don’t forget to include all of your exhibition details, latest achievements & awards etc.

Follow Email instructions:
Yes, follow the instructions that is sent  to you when you registered online. You are now fully ready to sell your products online. 
After all these steps are  taken properly, Beauty Wall Spot will update your profile with your artworks and bio data. And you will receive a url for your profile. Note it and update your social media profiles with the link and share it with your friends as much as possible. Because with Artist free a/c Beauty Wall Spot will not be making any special promotion for you and your works, and if you want their premium & creative promotion you should switch to Artist Kit a/c.

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