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Hot On Canvas: A Reward for your Canvas

Your Canvas is Considered Special only when it is Rewarded Special. When Artist creates a work on a canvas with love, affection, hope and expertise, recognition of the same is important. No work gains popularity without recognition. No artist become legend without recognised work. So it is important to recognise an Artist's work by Artists, Art lovers & the society.

No marketplace gives much importance to this matter as they measure success on selling, which is true in some instances. But for a better and stable art marketplace and to encourage a healthy Art and Artist Growth, recognition is crucial.  Beauty Wall Spot, is building a better & stable Art market which helps every creator to grow and prosper, they have this option called “Hot On Canvas”.

What is “Hot On Canvas”?
Simply put, it is a large canvas filled with carefully selected artworks, on a weekly basis. It is considered as a Hot page on the site because it has highest user visits than any other catalogue page. The main reason is that, visitors have no patience to go through  each and every artwork on the site and they prefer targeted featured paintings which are showcased in a small no.s and which can be surfed easily without taking their time. And such featured page like “Hot On Canvas” usually has a highest conversion rates and that’s why it is considered as Hot selling page also.

Beauty Wall Spot has a premium presentation page called “Hot On Canvas”, to showcase select artworks an a weekly basis. This page will be an attraction for the artist and art lover.  Art buyer will be given leads to the select works of select artists to choose, and the Beauty Wall Spot featuring of the artworks will impress him. Select art works of select artists are displayed here. This gives a visitor to have a faster and easier approach to Beauty Wall Spot artworks. He will prefer this page to other pages with thousands of artworks of hundreds of artists to choose one for his urge. 

At Beauty Wall Spot, every creator has a chance to get his painting displayed on “Hot On Canvas” page, but the featured artists are given the priority.

Conclusion: As an Artist, it is important to grab all the opportunities that are available in this field. And one can surely conclude that "Hot On Canvas” is one of them. This page is widely preferred by World Artists, Art lovers, Art Students and Art collectors. Most of the visitors will prefer to visit this page. Getting your Artworks showcased on “Hot on Canvas” is important for you if you are planning to reach international art lovers. Go grab this now!!