How to get free advertisement on and increase your Art sale?

Who will not like a key to treasure? Here is one of such a key to unlock the free advertisement on Beauty Wall Spot and increase your Selling.

First, Why Advertisement for Artist?
Why not? On an International marketplace such as Beauty Wall Spot reaching the right audience is much easier with the right Advertisement. With targeted ads of your paintings, it is easier to hook interested parties to your profile and convert them to customer. Advertisement on Beauty Wall Spot is little bit of costly as they only allow very few ads on their pages. But with little knowledge of their Artists membership plans you can convert it in your favour.

Before asking ‘How?’ let us analyse what advt. options are available. Beauty Wall Spot is an e-commerce platform which has lot of advertising opportunities.
Beauty Wall Spot offers the following  Ads:

Listing Advertisement:
Whenever a product is uploaded online it has to be visible to visitors. There is a huge difference between making your product visible to visitors and making your product look like special to the visitors. Just to notify a visitor about product, you don’t need a special listing advertisement. But to have a very special ad about your product launching you need a special listing ad like the one BWS offers. You can get this ad for free by creating your Artist Kit a/c.

Hot On Canvas Advertisement:
When your artwork is selected for Hot On Canvas, Beauty Wall Spot will create ads of your work and  it will be displayed on the appropriate place. This ad is available for free for all the artists but they usually give preference to Artists On Artist Kit a/c.

Featured Artist Advertisement: 
When you are selected as a Featured Artist of the week by teamBeautywallspot, BWS will place necessary ads on the platform. This Advertisement is done by BWS  and no charge is levied on Artist. To get this promotion you should create your Artist Kit a/c.

Featured Studio Advertisement:
Beauty Wall Spot will conduct a timely promotion of your studio by visiting your studio at your place, highlighting your work environment, having your interview on the spot and then promoting it on the platform. This is the promotion that every artist should get to develop the authenticity of his works and it helps buyers to have trust on you. Whenever your studio is promoted under Featured Studio Promotion, BWS will place ads about it on related places. This type of Promotion is only available to Artists of Artist Kit a/c.

World Of Artcard Advertisement:
World Of Artcard is a very unique type of marketing tool developed by teamBeautywallspot to promote and advertise Artworks to targeted artlovers. Here, Artists works are printed on cards as miniature and sent to thousands of targeted artlovers. And it has many other features. But this is a very successful Advertisement of an artists artworks and this feature is available for free on Artist Kit a/c. With artist kit  one artwork will be printed on artcard for his membership tenure and every time it is sold, another card  will be printed and sent to artlovers.

Festival Offers: 
During special days or special seasons normally every seller create advertisement campaign for his products and even on Beauty Wall Spot you can also place such kind of ads with special offers on purchase of your paintings, discounts or cash backs etc. This ad is not free as different place contains different price. But you can get up to Rs.2,500 as advertisement credit with Artist Kit a/c.

Social Media Advertisement:
Beauty Wall Spot also offers Facebook ads (this ad is not offered by Facebook) for premium users which you can get by upgrading to premium a/cs.

Conclusion: Advertisements are very important for every seller to sell their works and Beauty Wall Spot has a lot of them. Create your Artist Kit a/c for make use of these features and start campaigning. These ads are not directly available for free. But it can be!!!!.  Just upgrade your Artist account to open this treasure, you’ll get all the above ads for your account. If you are considering a strategic marketing and promotion you should consider all the above ads.

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