What is Featured Artist Promotion?

Most of the sellers do not realise the effectiveness of online visitors in selling. For every artist, art lovers should see the artwork and they should be prompted to buy. Unless the visitor is impressed by an artist's features he will not become a buyer. When more number of visitors looks at your works you get more chances of sale.

What is a “Featured Artist Promotion”?
A Featured Artist Promotion is a timely well strategised marketing promotion to publicise an artist and his works. In general, Featured Artist Promotion is  an ongoing process on a quarterly basis driving more visitors to one’s profile. This promotion is a one day promotion which should effectively bring visitors to the Artists profile for the next few weeks. Well, bringing visitors involve many factors which let us discuss in other posts.

Requirements for a Featured Artist Promotion:
To successfully run a Featured Artist Promotion Campaign Artist should have the following:

  • An Artist A/c on an International Art Platform;
  • A good profile with a great Profile Pic
  • Artist Bio-data and Biography - the story of the Artist;
  • Around 10 to 15 Artworks of the Artist;

Out of many Art galleries and online stores only a few  provides this feature, Beauty Wall Spot stands high as it offers the pro version of Featured Artist Promotion. When you are chosen for the featured artist plan, BWS will promote you and your select works with special promotion on the website. Premium Artist’s on Beauty Wall Spot gets this Featured Artist Promotion for free for two years.

On BWS with a Featured Artist Promotion -

  • You will be promoted as star artist for the duration of featuring;
  • Your works will be highlighted to maximum number of visitors;
  • Advertisement of your works will be flickering on BWS pages;
  • You and your works will be promoted through social medias including WhatsApp with specially designed WhatsApp promotion;
  • For the featured artist BWS will assure sale of a minimum of one artwork in a year;
  • Artist Kit on Beauty Wall Spot offers you a special Featured Artist Bio which is very essential for your Promotion;
  • You can promote up to 15 Artworks for 2 years;

Conclusion: More visitors to your works means more sale for you. To get more sales you need to drive higher traffic towards your works. With Featured Artist Promotion you can drive more traffic towards your profile and your works. If you have joined BWS featured artist plan you will have significant sales for your works on the platform. If you are considering Promoting yourself on an international platform, Beauty Wall Spot’s Featured Artist Promotion is the best thing available right now.  You can go for it!!

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