All the things you need to know about World Of Artcards

"If I want to see something very unique and creative every week, and it should make me feel happy and energetic, what would that be?"  In this modern world of social media, many wonder with this question which is a good thing actually. Did you guess what would that be? Every one may have different answers. But in a collective way, we can say it as “Art”.  Art, irrespective of the type, has a very powerful way of attracting and changing people’s life.  But it will be more sweet if it is made exclusively for you.

A very unique concept has been developed by Beauty Wall Spot in this regard, and it’s called “World Of Artcards”.  And Yes, It will make you happy, energetic and it is very attractive, and it is also Art. 

Happy, Energetic, Creative, Unique, Beautiful, Wonderful, Art - one can say many things about this - “World Of Artcards”.  Ok, then.

What is it?

World of Artcards is a unique Artcard subscription plan for a year. As the name implies, it is a wonderful and beautiful World of Artcards.  It is a unique way of enjoying the artworks in our day-to-day activities.  The main purpose of World of Artcards is to create and spread artful joy around the world along with helping the artist to create more such works.

With this World Of Artcards Subscription you’ll receive unique artworks at your doorstep every week for a period of one year in the form of Artcards.  It is special because these artcards are exclusively created for artlovers and are not available in the market, anywhere around the world.  So, its definitely worth it.

If you are wondering, what is an Artcard:

An Artcard is a card for sending a message by post without an envelope, having an image of an Artwork on one side.  These cards are the miniatures of Artworks by BWS artists, which is printed on 6”X4” mirror coated cards.  Each card is very special because it is a replica of a dream which is translated to canvas.  Each card represents the emotions and urge of artists. And you can treasure these cards.  On the backside of these cards there is a space provided for you to communicate with your loved ones and for the address. 

[Did you know: The world's oldest postcard was sent in 1840 to the writer Theodore Hook from Fulham in London, England. The study and collecting of postcards is termed deltiology.]

Once you subscribe, every week one Artcard will be at your doorstep for a whole year.  Every Artcard will be sent inside an envelop so that you can use this card to send a message to your loved ones.  Every card contains a unique Indian philatelic stamps, and if you are a stamp collector it is your wonderful opportunity!!

Why you should have one?

  1. To receive very beautiful and lovely artcards every week at your doorstep;
  2. To enjoy different artworks of different artists at your leisure time;
  3. To find the meaning of art in your life and enjoy the essence in it;
  4. To send the most beautiful greetings to your loved ones;
  5. To collect different picture cards;
  6. To increase your stamp collections with Indian philatelic stamps;
  7. To earn points and later convert it in to cash;
  8. To get surprise gifts;
  9. If there is a child in your house, it will educate them on developing good habits and inspire them to learn art.


Beauty Wall Spot has introduced this concept to promote art and to support artist to create wonderful artworks more and more. Through the Artcards an artist is exposed to the whole world with miniatures of his work. Art lover can refer back to Beauty Wall Spot for the details of the artist and related artworks and can opt for buying the artwork or proposing an investment plan on the new field i.e, on the art.

Conclusion: Discover the newly found World Of Artcards and enjoy the life in it: World of artcards is a revolutionary idea in the field of Art.  It is the very unique way where in an  art lover can feel different artworks every week, in his hand for real.  It will be the most beautiful greeting you can offer to your loved ones.  And no card or stamps will be repeated. Every card brings you not only beautiful art and stamps, but also many ways to earn POINTS 'N MONEY.:) Yea, it is a total package, which is worth every penny. You can definitely consider it. So bring home World Of Artcards and enjoy the life in it!!

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