Points N’ Money: Your Cheat Code to earn more cash with World of Art Card!!

Everyone in this Modern World do anything only if it benefits them. It’s normal and its how world works. Everyone should get something in return, when they do some act. People pray to GOD to get prosperity,  people work for another person to earn money,  social status,  they help each other expecting the other returns the same.  So you can think of this cheat code as the same. 

Whenever someone subscribes to the ‘World Of Artcard’, they should get something in return for the value. Yes, they will receive very beautiful and unique Artcards every week at their doorstep for a period of one year. Besides Beauty Wall Spot has announced an extra earning opportunity along with enjoying Art. That is what exactly the - “Points N’ Money”.  With “Points N’ Money” the subscriber can earn points with every Artcard and he can encash it in multiples of hundred.

You may wonder 'what is this cheat code?

You know what a cheat code is right?  If you have played any games such as GTA or if you have seen someone in your house playing any such kind of games you will know what a cheat code is.  Any way, a cheat code is a character combination to change the behaviour of an activity.

Here activity is earning the money. Change the behaviour of an activity is trying to earn more money.

Here is the Cheat code to earn more money from “World Of Artcards”.

  1. Subscribe to World Of Artcards and activate your “Points N’ Money”;
  2. Register every card to receive a point.
  3. Send these cards to your loved ones with your wishes as greetings, and invite them to World Of Artcards.  If they join, you’ll receive 50 points.
  4. Gift one year World Of Artcards subscription to your friends and family and children on special occasions and receive 50 points.
  5. Purchase a painting you like and use your Artcard’s 12 digit no. and get 2.5% of the total value of the painting as cash back and 2.5% of the total value as your commission.
  6. If your friends purchase a painting from Beauty Wall Spot using the Artcard you sent, you will get 2.5% of the total value of the painting as your commission and he will get 2.5% as cash back.
  7. Register more and more cards and if you register on 1000th serial no. you get 1000 points.
  8. Win a painting with World Of Artcard lucky draw and you can always resell it and earn money. 
  9. Every registration you will receive coupons, discounts, recharges etc.(Beta version).

Subscribers can encash these points in multiples of hundreds. nThat means, when you have 100 points, you get  Rs.100 from Beauty Wall Spot on request.

Conclusion: It is important to enjoy Art for healthy living and if that enjoyment also gets you some money, who says no?  With World Of Artcards, enjoy Art in your daily life and earn Points N’ Money too. Use these Cheat Code to earn more cash, and live a prosperous and happy life.

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