Recommended QR Code Scanner for free!!

Beauty Wall Spot in association with Shree Krishna Gana Sudha is launching A Smart Concert for Smart Audience conducting a special competition to all the music lovers. On 11th of december 2016 the competition will take place in "Dhyana Mandira" of Sharada Vidyalaya, Kodialbail, Mangaluru, INDIA.

As per the given rules of the competition of the Smart Concert, you should have a smart phone. You are going to participate in the competition with your smart phone.

When you enter the competition, you will be provided with a QR Code. You have to scan the QR Code so that you can get to the competition site. All you have to do is download an app to scan the QR Code.

What are the apps available for android, Windows and iOS phones?

There are huge list of apps available if you google it. But, here is the list of recommended apps for you.

QR Reader for iPhone

QR Reader for iPhone

For iPhone users:

QR Code Reader

For android users:

Get it on Google Play Stores

QR Scanner - Rapid Scan.

For windows phone users:

Make sure You download the above said app, so that you can get access to the competition fastly and easily.

Conclusion: Downloading of these apps will be very much helpful with your future endeavors with Beauty Wall Spot and Shree Krishna Gana Sudha. Come, Enjoy and Return home with full of happiness and beautiful gifts 🙂

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