Beauty Wall Spot – the Kudla Kalamela Success Story

Beauty Wall Spot is known as an e-commerce platform for art promotion and art marketing. But behind the creation of Beauty Wall Spot, there is a story which was not known to anyone. Every Kudla Kalamela gives an opportunity for the dreamer, learner and the entrepreneur.

It was all started during 2008 Kudla Kalamela. Young boy, a school student, Vishwas Krishna, was a participant in Kudla Kalamela as an artist with a few artworks. 2010, he exhibited his works independently and interacted with his fellow artists in the neighbouring stalls and the visitors. His young mind started observing the reactions of artists when an inquiry is generated from a visitor. He saw the pleasures of a real sale and the disappointment of a missing opportunity. The end of the second day made the artist pack the unsold (for many the entire artworks) and take them back to his home to be kept in the dark corner of a room till the next exhibition at the mercy of the dust and cockroaches.

In 2012, the third Kalamela gave hopes and again for confirming his observations he went around the stalls meeting artists and art lovers. In his surveys he recorded and started making questions to senior people and artists. A short duration of 2 days exhibition and the visits of window shoppers made the study more difficult. He wanted to confirm his findings and had to wait till 2013 for the 4th kudla kalamela to really conclude on his observations.

In 2013 he participated in the Kudla Kalamela and took confirmations on his observations and finally decided to give shape to his concept of perpetual exhibition platform under the banner "Beauty wall Spot". Daily melas with activities and attractions for a visitor makes the Mela more realistic and attractive. Artist need not strain himself in the sun waiting for a visitor, but can remain at his comforts of home or work place. Every artist can get the opportunity to upload his works on the platform free of cost and on confirmation of sale, artist will pack as per the standard instructions of packing and the logistics people will pick up the packed artwork and deliver it to the buyer.

A commerce student, an artist, and a student of Carnatic classical music had no knowledge on web building, but his urge to realise his idea, he used his little knowledge of computer operation and the photoshop he searched on the net for ideas to have a platform for his purpose. The almost round the clock search took many weeks and finally he could build a platform of Beauty Wall Spot on, a simple website. (You can check out the old website @ helping him just to exhibit the art works. Then he started to communicate with existing contacts and explored new contacts to generate inquiries and his efforts were fruitful in a limited way. He started art awareness campaigns and went ahead with spotting the talents among the school students under the title "Spotting the beauty of the month". Many school children participated and won several prizes every month.

From here he wanted to have a website hosted as an e-commerce platform. The search finally lead to a web building company who assured to build the website in 3 months time. Thus he took the risk of investing on web building through funds from the family and borrowings from known sources. The company could not fulfill its commitment even after the expiry of 6 months. He was left with heavy financial losses to the tune of 4.00 lakhs and life's precious 6 months time. His friends and relatives discouraged him from going ahead with his project. They went back on their promises of assistance on the e-commerce project. With the due support from his parents he took up the challenge of rebuilding web site and recover the lost time through achievements. Thus he started to learn coding sitting in front of the computer for more than 18 hours a day with determination and through trial and error methods slowly built every page of his platform single handedly..

Simultaneously he updated his old and newly acquired contacts, resulting in finalising an order for art export to Japan. The order was accepted and the artworks were sent to Japan and the payments were realised. Friends from far and near are regular visitors for the website which is getting converted to inquiries. Artists from far off places have shown interest in exhibiting their works on ""

The online publicity of this years Kudla Kalamela is a giant step for Beauty Wall Spot in their art promotion venture. The growth of and the results of his online activities are going to be a helping hand for every artist in their art indulgence.

Innovative marketing concepts like "World of Artcards", Resale of art works, Sponsorship on art works are some of the innovative plans he has introduced. He intends to give confirmed sale of an artwork for an artist who follows the Beauty Wall Spot instructions. For the art buyer also there are options to earn from the art purchased, by way of resale, or sponsorship. A campaign for creating awareness on investment on art is systematically conducted and a new market for art is created by "Beauty Wall Spot".

Kudla Kalamela is a source of inspiration for the dreaming, creative and enterprising Artists. Many talented Artists will have new ideas and tomorrow may bring in some new projects to uplift the Artists on the foot steps of Beauty Wall Spot.

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