Kudla Kalamela Presents Rekha-Tharanga

Well known artists, John Chandran, Dinesh Holla, and Chithra Mithra will demonstrate the power of lines in art through their Rekhatharanga in the afternoon by 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Lines when drawn in union with expressions will tell many stories with out any letters. John Chandran will demonstrate the cartoon art, Chithra Mithra also will demonstrate the line art through caricatures and Dinesh Holla will demonstrate the power of lines in relation with the social concerns.

The session will be inaugurated by V Manohar, the famous cartoonist and film music director in presence of chief guest Prof. Ravishankar Rao of Mangalore University. Participants have to bring their paper, pencils, sketch pens etc No entry fee for the participation.

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