Kudla Kalamela presents Speed Art – by Shabari Ganiga

This multi talented Mangalorean artist is born and brought up in the backyard of Mangalore is poised to reach the world arena in the next few years as the D K born international artist Vilas Nayak. She is presently studying for MCA at Sridevi institute of technology.

She can portray any personality in a very short span of time. Her performance was appreciated by many great personalities and she has won many awards and prizes for her talent.

Speed Art | Kudla Kalamela - 17

Artist: Kum. Shabari Ganiga

Date of Performance: 15th April 2017 Morning

Place:Kadri Park, Mangalore, India

She is a young girl of 23 from Vyasanagar. At a young age she has started painting portraits of stage performers. Begun as a time pass hobby during the gap of her performance and her friends performances, she was recognised for her speed art on several occasions.

She has received more than 1600 Prizes and many State, National and International Awards in the field of Fine Art.(100+ national level prizes)

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