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Beauty Wall Spot – Redesigned & Redefined

We are excited to introduce you to the Redesigned and Redefined Beauty Wall Spot - Version 2.0.0, that has been in the making for the past few months. Here is a quick peek as to what’s new and why we have changed it up.

Little About Us:

Beauty Wall Spot is an e-commerce marketplace to buy and resale artworks of all amateurs, professionals and premium artists. “Beauty Wall Spot” is by the artists, for the artists and for the art lovers to exhibit the artworks and invite offers from buyers and sponsors from the national and international art market. The exhibited art can be viewed and purchased, sponsored or rewarded by a visitor, thus strengthening the hands of the artist to perform better. Thus the artist gets remunerated for his creative art and he can create more beauties with a happy mood.


The total structure of the home page is redesigned. As you can see, the new powerful sitewide search bar is introduced. The most viewed, loved and trending artworks are sorted and displayed. Every day a new Featured Artwork will bring the grand feast to your eyes. All the new collections of artworks are highlighted. Wishlist is just a fingertip away to all!  Not just the work of known and famous artists, works of budding talents are also on the display. And you can also read the most wonderful, informative blog posts on the newly designed website.

Greater Convenience at home or on the Go!!

And guess what!! You can go through the site even if you are away from your PC's or laptops. Yes, Beauty Wall Spot now is a mobile-friendly responsive Website. You can also filter and sort your favored artworks easily, as the newly built webpage is accustomed to the filter and sort options even in mobile phones. Both mobile devices and PC’s have got a beautiful Add to cart and Wishlist buttons which makes it more beautiful.

You can now get to know more about us and have greater knowledge of what we do as the about us page is now filled with much content.

As for the blog page, you can always be right on time for all the new activities of Beauty Wall Spot. The category list is newly introduced, and the artists' interview sidebar is also newly designed for the convenience of the viewers.

Open for New Beauties!!

It has become much easier for the users to sign up their accounts as the Login/Sign up page is a bright new one. The recent exciting news will be at top awaiting for you, and as you go on viewing, you can read many informative interviews and also you will be welcomed by featured artworks awaiting your responses.

The shopping cart has been redesigned for the user’s convenience where you can view and check your carts. And you can add all the products you like to your Wishlist and check out later.

Introducing World OfArtcards

Along with the redesign, we have launched a new product called World of Artcards. And you can view your World of artcards details such as the number of cards received and to be received, and Points earned.  All the cards that has been registered by the users can also be checked in the new View my subscription page. Down at the navigation menu, you can check out all the new features mentioned above.

The door to show the beautiful creations of an artist is just a click away. We have introduced a new Sell Your Art Now page, where an artist can showcase his artworks and sell his artworks. And what’s more exciting is artists don’t have to take all the efforts to upload their artworks. Just mail the details and we will do the updating work for you.

Even the contact us page is redesigned. You can contact us via twitter, gmail, facebook etc.

And finally, now you can also take part in the activities of Beauty Wall Spot through our newly built Support Us page, and reach the global art lovers heart with (y)our Art.

What do you think of our latest redesigns?

We’re excited to unveil Beauty Wall Spot - Version 2.0.0, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments!