Inauguration of RAJA MAJA – 2016 Pilikula Children Summer Camp | Pilikula

RAJA - MAJA, a summer camp was formally inaugurated in PILIKULA on 25th of April 2016 by Shri Prabhakar  Sharma, Executive Director in the presence of Jayaprakash Bhandarkar, Director PILIKULA biological park, Dr. Nithin N. K. Balepuni, Project Officer Heritage Village, PILIKULA, Artist Premnath Marne, Mime Ramadas, Artist Rehman khan, Artist Akshatha Kudla, Vishwas Krishna of Beautywallspot and many others. 

Inaugurating the camp, Shri Prabhakar Sharma told that the participants can explore the PILIKULA garden in total and a new camp experience will enrich each participant. This is the second camp Pilikula has organised and in future every year it will be conducted.
About the security of the participating children he said, every child is taken full care during the camp hours. Parents have to drop the wards at the bus stop in Bunts Hostel and pick them back in the evening.

The inauguration witnessed the emerging of RAJA MAJA on the drawing sheet placed on the venue during the coloring of the sheet by the guests. 
The camp details will be telecasted by channel partners V4 media. Online partner Beauty wall spot covers the entire camp on their website and motivates the children in their endeavor.

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