Kudla Kalamela – 2017 is here. Get Ready Folks!!

The much awaited Kudla Kalamela is back with more participation and more attraction on the 15th of April 2017 and 16th of April 2017.  Promoted by Karavali Chitra Kala Chavadi and media powered by Beauty Wall Spot, the event will present about 200 promising artists from Karnataka and neighbouring Kerala with more than 10000 art works.

What is Kudla Kalamela?
The Kudla Kalamela is an International Smart Contemporary Art Exhibition held in Mangalore, India. The Kudla Kalamela is an initiative of the Karavali Chitra Kala Chavadi with media supported by Beauty Wall Spot. The exhibition is set in spaces around Mangalore’s Largest Park - Kadri Park. South Indian Artists, mainly from Karnataka and Kerala, exhibits their works across a variety of forms like Paintings, Sculptures, Installation Art, Photography and Performing Arts. The Kudla Kalamela opens the door for the students to prove their mettle in art through different Art competitions.

The event provides a platform for all the artists to exhibit their artworks and sell them to the art lovers who visit the Kudla Kalamela. This Kalamela gives equal opportunity to every artist irrespective of their age, fame, name or experience.

It is expected to attract more than a lakh visitors and a very good sale for every artist at a most fair rate. Even if no sale occurs artist gets recognised by the art loving community, the Karavali Chithra Kala Chavadi and Beauty Wall Spot through recognition certificate which in future will be of help to him in his future sales.

This year Kudla Kalamela will present an attractive Art form called Installation Art. Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Here artist artfully present the nature’s gifts like the wood, stone, hillock, or any item of his choice. This form of art is very popular in Europe.

This is the 5th Kudla Kalamela being held in Mangalore, aiming to create awareness about the art and artists among the general Public. Since 2008 the Karavali Chithra Kala Chavadi conducted 4 Kudla Kalamela creating some awareness among the Mangalorean’s and the awareness turns in to buying the art for their home walls, office walls or for investment.  Young artists who had earlier participated having experienced the stall visitors attitude is getting ready to impress his visitors with warm expressions through his art.

In Mangalore there are art lovers and art supporters of which the young artists have little information. Through this Kalamela the artists and art lovers and supporters are going to have a one to one interaction there by benefitting the artist.

Karavali Chithra Kala Chavadi was formally founded in 2010 to promote art related activities by organising art demonstrations, art appreciation melas, art camps and exhibitions in various schools, colleges and public platforms.  The Chithra Kala Chavadi is striving to preserve our ancient heritage and voices its concern for preservation of Mother earth, with all its glory and diversity. 

So Mangalorean’s are excited for this year’s Kudla Kalamela. Are you? Stay tuned for more news!!

And, See you at Kudla Kalamela - 17

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  1. It was a wonderful Art Exhibition!! Waiting for the next year 🙂

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