Rare Special Violin Practice Camp successfully held in Mangalore

“Classical music is a repository of knowledge which cannot be completely learnt in the span of our entire lifetime. Music, whether it is western or Indian, it is divine. It provides a direct connection with God” said MLC Capt. Ganesh Karnik. He was speaking at the 5th consecutive SwaraLaya full-day violin practice camp organised at the residence of Prabhachandra Mayya recently.

“We must be rooted so that we can take wings. When we inculcate more of our cultural values, we reach greater heights. When a tree gets detached from it's roots, neither does it grow nor does it give us shade. So is the case with life. Classical music is very scientific. Our elders listened to the sounds of nature and studied what psychological effects it has on human minds."

“Moreover, the tradition of classical music is the result of 'sadhana’ or penance and hard work of our elders, he explained. Those who begin learning classical music, continue learning for about ten to fifteen years and then the guru tells him to give a concert. On the other hand, aspirants enter reality shows in a very short period. If we have to inculcate good things, we have to get involved in it for long periods of time. The more we put efforts, the higher we reach. Learning never ends here, he added."

Speaking on the occasion, eminent physicist Dr Srinivas Kakkillaya said FMRI scans have revealed that those who learn music have bigger brains and hence have more concentration as well as memory. The 'swara’ 'ragas’, 'talam’, 'bhava’, and 'bhakti’ involved in music gives the brain much to ponder over and remain active, he enumerated. Art and music have been part of human life since 2 lakh years. Even tribal people had their own folk songs and values. There must be a give and take relationship between different kinds of music instead of making comparisons, he opined. Music must be learnt with the intention of development of our personality and must not become a means of show off, he advised.

Well known vocalist Vid Udupi Gopalakrishnan said we must be happy that even today there are students who are keen on learning classical music. However, the intention behind learning music must not be fame. Practicing must be a continuous process, notwithstanding whether a person receives fame, he felt. He added that even now he considers himself to be a student of music..

The inauguration was followed by a special basic vocal training camp with Vid Udupi Gopalakrishnan as the resource person. An interview with the artist ensued. The programme concluded with a concert by Vid Yatiraj Acharya, with Vid Pannaga Sharma on the Mridangam and Beauty Wallspot CEO Vishwas Krishna on the Violin.

Vid Prabhath Gokhale, Jayalaxmi Bhat, Veena Vid Gopal Mudgal, Beauty Wall Spot MD Venkatesh Bhat, Prabhachandra Mayya, Krishnaraj Mayya and Venkatesh Mayya were present.

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With the blessings of all my Gurus, last Sunday we had successfully conducted our 5th Day-long...

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