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SwaraLaya – Special Full Day Violin Camp at Mangaluru. Must Read!!

`Swara laya’, the third consecutive day-long violin camp was held at the residence of Shri Krishnaraj Mayya in Hat Hill, Mangalore on Sunday.

Inaugurating the programme, Mani Krishnaswamy Academy Secretary P Nityananda Rao said, “The aim of music is to help develop a good society."

“Violin camps organised at the residence of music lovers develops good relations among the participants and also helps spread music among people.”, he added. "Music has the power to attract people. Parents usually get their wards to learn music with the aim of getting awards or mould them into good citizens. However, ultimately, the value of what the guru has taught must be retained. Then, unknowingly, music becomes our friend and guide", he explained.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr J N Bhat said that if a person is not related to art in some form, his or her life becomes meaningless. One need not know about music to enjoy it, he enumerated.

Mangalore's senior Carnatic vocalist Vidushi Sarojamma said that learning violin is more difficult than learning vocal, as one cannot play violin while doing any other work, unlike vocal practice. She added that music has been part of her life since the age of five.

Beauty Wall Spot CEO Vishwas Krishna said that ‘Swaralaya’ is part of the annual Karunbithil Shibira held at Karunbithil near Dharmasthala with the blessings of guru Vidwan Vittal Ramamurthy and Vidwan Yathiraj Acharya. The camp is organised every month on a Sunday, he added.

P Nityananda Rao speaking at "SwaraLaya"

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Mangaluru's senior vocalist, 85 year young Vidushi Sarojamma singing Rakshamam in Nata. Must See!!

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Hello dear friends,
With the blessings of My Guru Vittal Ramamurthy Sir and Yathi Acharya Sir, last Sunday we had...

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An interview with AIR top grade artiste Vidwan Tiruchy K R Kumar followed in the evening, which was attended by over 75 people. The programme concluded with a concert by Shreshta Lakshmi, accompanied by Vishwas Krishna on the Violin and Harikrishna Pavanje on the Mridangam.

Sangeeta Parishath President M R Vasudeva, Advocate Anantha Krishna Udupa, AIR artist Vidwan Ravikumar Kunjoor H, Beauty Wall Spot CMO Venkatesh Bhat, Prabhachandra Mayya and Venkatesha Mayya were present.

Sushma P Mayya