Varshikotsava – 16 with all surprises!!

Shree Krishna Gana Sudha in association with Beauty Wall Spot is conducting a blissful musical evening on 11th of december 2016. The event begins with the melodies of Shree Krishna Gana Sudha little champs.The Final concert will be rendered by Vid. Bellary M Raghavendra and team.

There will be a surprise competition for all the Music lovers present there. And each winners will be awarded with fabulous gifts. And everyone present there will be eligible to participate in the competition. There is no junior or senior levels!! Just one level!! 

Eligibility for the competition:

There are just a handful of rules you have to satisfy. 

  1. You must be physically present at the event till the end.
  2. You should have a smart phone.
  3. If you dont have one, dont worry you still can participate with a sheet of paper provided you give the information on paper.
  4. You must have internet data pack.(Compulsory)
  5. You will be provided with a QR code when you enter the competition, All you have to do is to scan the QR code which will then take you to the competition site.
  6. You should download an app so that you can easily get access to the competition.

(Please Note: It is beneficial for you if you have a smart phone. It eases the work.)

Conclusion : Now we are stepping forward to a new technological era. All cities are becoming Smart City. Now it is time to have a Smart Concert. Beauty Wall Spot aims at providing enjoyment along with education. Have a great Artful day!!

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