Very unique Swara-Laya 4th Camp held successfully in Mangalore!!

Our mind must be 'Shuddha’ or pure. Being humble with elders and having 'Guru Bhakti’ or reverence towards one’s Guru is what I lay much emphasis on.” said Vidwan Trichy K R Kumar. He was speaking after inaugurating the fourth consecutive Swara-Laya Special Full Day Violin Practice camp organised at the residence of Venkatesh Mayya on Sunday.

“Honesty, humility and humanity are the cornerstones of life. I practice every day on my Ghatam even after reaching this level, because one day of missed practice makes me fumble, he added”.

Speaking on the occasion, Vidushi Sathyavati Moodambadithaya said organising practice camps for kids are like ‘Saraswati Aaradhane’ or 'Saraswati Pooja'. The feeling of gratitude of the students participating in such camps will bring prosperity to the family members and people supporting it, she explained.

Vidushi Sharada Mani Shekhar said parents lead the way, but children should put in hard work or 'Saadhane’ so that they can become an asset to the society in future. Engineer Eta Srinivas told participants to put their heart into whatever they do.

Vishwas Krishna said that the violin camp is an inspiration from Karunbithil Shibira organised by Guru Vittal Ramamurthy in Middle every year. It is held under the guidance of Vidwan Yathiraj Acharya and Vidwan Vittal Ramamurthy.

An interview with Vidwan Kunjoor H Ravikumar followed in the afternoon session which was attended by over 100 people. This was followed by a Violin-Trio concert by Violinist Violin Vishwas Krishna, Shreshta Lakshmi and Sajjan Acharya. They were accompanied by Shailesh Kumar on the mridangam. Prabhachandra Mayya, Beauty Wall Spot CMO Venkatesh Bhat, Krishnaraj Mayya, Shri Prabhath Gokhale were present.

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With the blessings of My Guru Vittal Ramamurthy Sir and Yathi Acharya Sir, last Sunday we had...

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