Wonderful day at Raja Maja – 2016

The second day at PILIKULA brought the participants to ecstasy.  Artist Premnath Marne engaged the children in the whole of morning session in art in a different way.  Premnath Marne, a teacher in secondary school, also a rarely talented artist presented one of his beautiful creation and asked the students to guess how much time he must have taken to create the work. Every student felt he must have taken at least an hour for it.  Premnath Marne declared that he has taken hardly a minute for it. All were surprised and he demonstrated the same with another work.  All those present, wanted to learn the art and requested to explain.

He listed the materials required.
1. Art paper cut to size
2. Oil pastels of different colors.
3 A blade

First the pastel is rubbed on the art paper and using your thumb and fingers spreading the pastel colours in oval shape.  Mix the different colors in the same way.  You can see images emerging from the mixed colors.  Scrape the images and shapes to live objects, plants, trees, river, rocks, houses, temples etc.  You have created a beautiful artwork.

Each participant tried his/her hand in the new way of art and created artworks with the help of Premnath Marne. 

Then Beauty Wall Spot presented an artwork each to every participant created by Premnath Marne and everyone received this as pride possession. 

Premnath Marne is a versatile artist.  His artworks got exported to Japan, and enquiries from countries like USA, France an Russia have come.  In the coming days his artworks will be going to many foreign countries.  

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