Pricing Table

Beauty Wall Spot gives wide options for Artists to display, promote & sell their Creative Works to Global Art Lovers with a wide variety of features.

Artist Free a/c

Free/ year
  • Free 5 Painting SLOTS
  • Artist Free Profile Page
  • Receive 60% on every artwork sold.
  • Pickup & Shipping Facility
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Artist Kit a/c

5,000/ 2 years
₹ 12,500/-
  • Free 15 Painting SLOTS
  • Get up to 99 Painting SLOTS
  • Advanced Artist Kit Profile Page
  • Receive 75% on every artwork sold.
  • Definite Art Sale Guarantee!
  • Get Verified Badge
  • Pickup & Shipping Facility
  • One Year World Of Artcards - Basic Subscription
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Other features

Artist Free a/c

  • Basic search engine appearance
  • Secure online payments
  • Packing Support
  • Artist a/c support
  • No other features available for this a/c.
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Artist Kit a/c

  • Advanced Search Engine appearance
  • Secure online payments
  • Packing Support
  • Premium Artist a/c support
  • Facebook Ad Credit worth ₹ 50/-
  • Artcard Deposit (life-time) worth ₹ 2,500/-
  • BWS advt credit worth ₹ 2,000/-
  • Ad design worth ₹ 500/-
  • Popular Editorial Artist Featuring: Vision Of World Of Artists (Interviews), Hot On Canvas, Today's Canvas & Featured Artist Of the Month


    60% OFF
    on Artist Kit A/c*.
    ₹ 12,500/- ₹ 5,000/-
  • Get
    1,000 points
    when your friend joins our Artist Kit family*.
  • 1000 POINTS = ₹ 1,000/-
  • Get
    FLAT 10%
    DISCOUNT on your next professional website design.
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Artist A/c details:

Artist who want to sell their Artworks through Beauty Wall Spot should be a registered member of M/s Beauty Wall Spot. By becoming a member of Beauty Wall Spot, he can sell his painting, he gets opportunity to exhibit himself and his Art with Beauty Wall Spot and shine worldwide.

There are two types of One Year Artist membership plans.

  1. Artist Free A/c
  2. Artist Kit A/c

With Artist account on Beauty Wall Spot, you can upload, promote and sell paintings, sculptures. Beauty Wall Spot will make it easy to sell your work to a global community of art lovers and collectors. We will use various marketing techniques and tools to help you reach more art lovers.

Please choose the Artist membership plan, enroll yourself to our Art family.


  1. Artist Free A/c is a free account for the period of One Year.
  2. Artist Kit account is for Two Year.
  3. In Artist Free a/c, you'll get 5 Slots for listing and selling your works. With your Artist Free a/c, you are eligible for a basic Artist Profile, which you can share with your fans.
  4. In Artist Kit a/c, you'll get 15 slots for listing and selling your works. After the first sale, extra 10 slots will be unlocked.
  5. You can always unlock your full 99 slots by paying listing fee of Rs.15/- on every listing. However, no listing charges for the first fifteen slots.
  6. With Artist Kit account, you cna feature your full bio data and your achievements online.
  7. Beauty Wall Spot's commission for selling your works is 40% in case of Artist Free a/c and 25% in case of Artist Kit a/c.
  8. Both the accounts will have Pickup & Shipping Facilities.
  9. Artist Kit a/c holder will get Definite Sale Guarantee for atleast One Painting. (Max. sale value will be Rs.4000/-)
  10. You can calculate your painting selling price with the help of our pricing terms.