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To Reach Art to everyone.

Let's help everyone to realise the pleasures of Art and spread Artful happiness around the world..

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Beauty Wall Spot is an e-commerce platform developed and promoted single-handedly by a young entrepreneur, now stepping into a new horizon of educating and creating awareness among people about Art. In order to do that we need your help. See More

What we are proposing to you is a new idea with which we will be creating Art Awareness by sending Carefully Chosen One Artcard every week throughout a year and thereby, introducing Art into one's life. When we send an Artcard, we not only show the Artwork but also educate people about that Artwork and its benefits in the day to day life. With this activity, we can show the world that Art has the power to bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of people. So this is a beginning step in what we are trying to achieve. And we invite you to take part in this novel venture of Artifying the world.

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World Of Artcards Subscription


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An Original Artwork.

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First: Join our Support Base.

Pay just Rs.3,000 onetime and fill in the details to send you the 1 year World Of Artcards Subscription. With this you'll receive one unique Artcard every week at your Doorstep for a period of One Year.

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Second: Let's Surprise your friends.

Select maximum up to 20 of your close friends and give us their contacts, and let's Surprise them by sending One month World Of Artcard Subscription as a Gift from you.

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Finally, Now you are eligible to Win Original Artworks!!

Yes!! Now you can Win an Original Artwork for free, worth definitly more than Rs.3,000/-

You can Win this original painting!!