Search Deep Within Yourself To Be Creative In Music – Vid. Kumaresh Rajagopalan

VIOLIN MAESTRO KUMARESH RAJAGOPALAN IN MANGALORE, INDIA. INTERVIEWED BY SUSHMA P MAYYA. SPONSORED BY WORLD OF ARTCARDS.  |   15 min read If you want to have a musical life, you have to understand music and life. Life is a journey through many experiences. Through the experiences, you learn so many things. Similarly, music is also a […]

Swara-Laya: 9th Creative Violin Camp For Young Fiddlers In Mangalore | Beauty Wall Spot

Swara-Laya: 9th Creative Violin Camp For Young Fiddlers In Mangalore

by Sushma P Mayya  photographs by K Prathviraj Shastry | 3 min read Clear, melodious notes from the violin waft through the air…… the atmosphere at a residence in the City at 8 am is serene with a touch of divinity. The melody is a result of the constant practice of all the young participants, but the […]

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Pantuvarali – legendary Violin Duet [HD] | Karunbithil Shibira – 17

Wonders happen only once in a lifetime. And here is the wonderful video of such a legendary Violin Concert in full HD happened at Karunbithil Shibira. Pantuvarali – legendary Violin Duet [Full HD] is a Violin Duet b/w Violin Maestro Nadayogi V. V. Subramanyam and Vidwan Vittal Ramamurthy and are accompanied on Mridangam by Carnatic […]

Nada-Taranga By Vishwas Krishna | Kudla Kalamela 2017 | Beauty Wall Spot

Nada-Taranga by Vishwas Krishna & team | Kudla Kalamela 2017

The evening of 16th Sunday, the Kudla Kalamela will draw curtains for this year’s celebrations through the sweet melodious violin concert by Vishwas Krishna the CEO of Beauty Wall Spot and his associates. Beauty Wall Spot is a brain child of Vishwas Krishna for the promotion of all forms of art and all artists in […]