B. Ganesh Somayaji

Mr. Ganesh Somayaji comes from the evergreen nature background of Dakshina Kannada , in the West coast of Karnataka, South India. His adoration to water colors is something rare, and has only a few compeers in Indian water color painters. His love to nature, and inspiration that he derives from her is reflected in all his landscape paintings. His authority over the brush and supremacy over the color combination, could be seen whether it is in a water fall scene or in his painting on fisherman-net-mending.

Mr. Somayaji transmits the objects of nature directly into the paintings and colors-not through any imitation nor through any interference medium or means.

He is equally adept at portraits. He is incomparably gifted in portraying the multiple-mood situations, depicting human emotions, sometimes even contradicting moods; a painting like"Last Supper"is a class by itself in contemporary Indian painting. A perceptive lover of water colors could make out that this paintings has a special place in the genre of Indian paintings.

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • # First winner of the "Best Drawing Teacher" Award 1993
  • "Jana Mechida Sikshakaaward 2002, awarded by the Govt. of Karnataka.
  • First winner of "Best Teacher" state award 2003 by Sandesha Prathishtana, Mangalore.
  • "Kalanidhi" award 2003 by KaVa, Acharya Vidyarthi Trust, Moodabidri.
  • Mysore Dasara Award and several other awards at State and District levels.
  • # A member of Judges Panel for various exhibitions in Karnataka.
  • Resource Person for several talks organised by the Education Department.
  • Published books on Art.
  • A Lover of Music, well versed in playing Musical Keyboard and has organised programmes for Akashavani, mangalore.

Somayaji paints with all his zeal. He does it restlessly and incessantly. He does it for the sheer pleasure of self-forgetfulness the adoration and devotion of art. Some of his folk portraits reminds the masterpieces of Mr.Singhal, India's ace painter.

His transgressions of temple towns, his transmissions of Indian village life, either of a beggar girl or of a street vendor, are something marvelous and are to be cherished by the lovers of water colors.

Over the years, the artist Ganesh is so seasoned and so matured that he has become a master-creator in his field, with the touch of excellence. Coming to some of his paintings: the 'beach-view' reflects the vastness of the cosmos where the humans relax and frolic. The 'classic' portraits the reflective mood of the humans even before B.C. The Majestic, reminds the classic Greek majesty and the environs. The village portraits the artist's conception of the village in which flora and panna co-exists and celebrate life. The 'boat' shows the anchor of fisherman's life in the West coasts. The 'minarets ' reveal the contours and serenity. The 'street women' is a class by itself. The anchoring of the country ships depicts the artist's keen perception of nature.

Artist Profile:

B. Ganesh Somayaji, Artist
At Bantwal, Karnataka
Awarded first rank in G.D.Art, 1973.
Learnt painting under the guidance of Sri B.G.Mohammed.
Water color painting, On the spot painting, Oil color portraits.
Artists Combine (R), Mangalore.
Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore. D.K. Drawing Teacher's Association.
D.K. District Drawing Teacher's Association since 1986.
State Drawing Teacher's Association since 1996.
The Karnataka Lalithakala Academy, Bangalore (1995-98)
  • # Participated in many State and National Level exhibitions for over 25 years.
  • # Conducted many one man and group shows in Karnataka and other states.
  • # Participated in exhibitions conducted by State Lalithakala Academy and Mysore Dasara Exhibitions.

 Art Camps :

As a resource person in the Artists Camp organised by KLKA, at Ihole
"Vishwa Kannada Sammelana", organised by KLKA.
Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
"Hasta Shilpa", Manipal.
Convener of several artists camps organised by KLKA;
Organised several camps in Mangalore, D.K. District and at State levels.

Artworks of Ganesh Somayaji

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