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It is my duty to guide those seek guidance: Artist D. Bala Amin


Artist D.Amin Bala is a professional commercial portrait artist and advertiser. He has participated in Jahangeer Art Gallery Bombay, Central Lalithakala Academy Delhi, Federation of Art Institution Maharashtra, Bombay Art Society, Mysuru Dasara Competitions etc. He was passionate of art since his childhood.

This week, Artist D. Bala Amin spoke to Beauty Wall Spot CEO - Vishwas Krishna during the show - "Bombay-3" held at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore, INDIA.

Interview with Bala Amin |

If we want to enjoy or to be happy, we have to encourage others. We have to understand others and also ourselves and learn, it will help us grow.

 - Artist D. Bala Amin

VISHWAS: Namaste Amin Sir πŸ™‚

VISHWAS: Yesterday I had a good talk with your friend Artist P.D.Bhat. 
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: Yes. I saw you were interviewing him. He is a nice person and a good friend of mine πŸ™‚

VISHWAS: Sir, You are an Award Winning Senior Artist. And I want to know more about you and your child life.
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: Ha ha (laughs). I am Bala Amin. I was born on 1938. As a small baby, even at the age of 3, I used to cut wooden pieces to create items I felt needed. I built a small cart on my own, as a child and I got inspired by those activities. My father gave me enough freedom to create such things. He used to give me paper, pencil and colours for my creativity.

In primary and secondary school my drawing teacher gave me encouragement for my growth. Our headmaster also gave me good support in my art endeavours. Drawing teacher used to give me special training during free time. The headmaster suggested me to appear for exams in art.  After my SSLC I pursued art education and completed my diploma in art and I got employed as a drawing teacher. I had to teach students elder to me. I used to train my students in art and sports.  I could win the love and respects from the students.  For one year I worked as a teacher, then I felt I will not be learning more in art if I continue here, so I left the job and went to Bombay. In Bombay I was given all the encouragement and advice by the Principal.  I was given opportunities to participate in various competitions, and I could win several prizes.   My institute was equally well known as J.J.School of art.  I appeared for my final exams in J.J.School of arts.  After that I did not carry on with my real art endeavour, instead went for commercial art.

VISHWAS: Oh! Nice. Can you tell me about your commercial Arts? When did you come back to the real art endeavours?
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: I worked for 35 years in commercial art for my livelihood. I learned a lot from my service of 35 years. I worked for films, radio, and advertising firm "Best Advertising".  Because of this I got good offers from a big foreign company. I got good support there also. Hence I worked there for 13 years and came back to India.  There after I have restarted my art life as a real artist.

VISHWAS: Great!! Who is an Artist according to you?
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: Every a child when he sees something and want to translate this on to paper he writes with his hands. Similarly an artist when observes something which is deeply recorded in to his mind, uses the paper or canvas to document or record the scene, idea, situation or concept  through his sketches and strokes with colours.

If we want to enjoy or to be happy, we have to encourage others. We have to understand others and also ourselves and learn, it will help us grow.

VISHWAS: A great insight!! How an Artist can grow up in his field? What is your suggestion?
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: I am always there to support artists, my doors are always open for youngsters. I as a senior person consider it as my duty to guide those who seek guidance.  Senior artists who are good should share their knowledge with others, it helps us also improve our knowledge, more than that our knowledge is spread in to the youngsters and it grows in to many branches, which gives us satisfaction and pleasure.

VISHWAS: Yes, that is entirely true. That's how our whole Guru Parampara structure worked. We at Beauty Wall Spot share the same goal of spreading Art and help Art to Grow.
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: That is really good. Beauty Wall Spot is doing an excellent job of promoting art.  Upcoming artists are really in need of a reliable platform and a fair and level playing field. Artists can create very beautiful artworks, but it should reach out to the real buyer. Beauty Wall Spot is doing that job and let all of us support this new idea of marketing. All the best, Vishwas πŸ™‚

VISHWAS: Thank you Sir. It was a great experience of interviewing you. Thank you for being with us today. I wish you a great artful life.
ARTIST D. BALA AMIN: Thank you Vishwas πŸ™‚ It was my pleasure meeting you. Good Work. God bless you πŸ™‚